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We pixel

The saying “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword” is as old as time – while some trace it back to a historical English play of the 1800s, different versions of the sentiment can be found as far back in history as Ancient Greek and Arab philosophies.

In ancient times, when stories and messages were spread through word of mouth, the sentiment was centered around the Word and how fast that could spread… which then evolved to the Pen’s ability for mass communications … and today – the Pixel.

Pixels are at the basis of all modern communication – such as the words you are now reading – taking messages across the globe to the phone in your hands in a matter of seconds, rendering the pen to be nearly obsolete. No sword could ever compete.


We felt that it was about time for a Spaniard rendition of the famous term that fits our digitalized world. Inspired by great Andalucians like Federico Gaarcia Lorca, Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Maria Fulmen, and Pablo Picasso, we set out to be different from those around us.

Picasso’s Cubism style was a ground-breaking art movement that revolutionized the way artists approached storytelling in an innovative way. The fragmented and reassembled images created a sense of movement and dynamism that conveyed a narrative and invited the viewers to participate in the story. These are the principles that inspire and guide us to craft the kinds of stories that create an emotional connection between your brand and your desired audience.

From all of this unique artistic and historical inspiration – a new agency is born: Mighty Pixel. Doesn't sound like an agency? Good, we strive to be different, to break the cycle of boring. We aim to get as far from how agencies work as possible.