The Mighty

While others work for Awards, we pursue impact.

We have Mighty Ambitions, just like everyone else – our difference is that we will never sacrifice our lifestyles to achieve “success”. To us, collecting awards isn’t as meaningful as being able to spend our evenings and weekends with our families and friends. That is our mighty secret – understanding that happy team members produce better work.

People Over Awards

We work to create stuff we can be proud of; not to collect awards, accolades, or to please a Board of Investors.

Rest and Recharge

We live for the moment. We work with dedication and discipline, and value our time away from the team with the same commitment.

Mighty Teammates

We are greater than the sum of our parts. We rely on decentralized wisdom and collective decision-making to create success for our team and our clients.

Embrace diversity

We collaborate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures, nurturing and embracing differing perspectives to make better decisions.

Fearlessly face forward together

We work ethically. We have an innate sense of responsibility. We pick up our fallen teammates and do what needs to be done without delay or micromanagement.

Solve Real Problems

We avoid bureaucracy at all cost. Everyone has their role and allows each to focus on it without interference.

Adapt Quickly

We keep us nimble by minimizing complexity and finding time to simplify.We learn rapidly and eagerly, contributing effectively outside of our specialty.

Act Like an Owner

We make your colleagues better, inspiring others with our thirst for excellence.We care intensely about your teammates and Mighty Pixel’s success.